CBS46 News

By Ashley Thompson,

Naima Musse has been living a nightmare since last Thursday. That’s the day her husband, Abdusalam Hussein was arrested by ICE agents at their home in Dekalb County.

“For them to just come in like that when we just dropped our kids at school, didn’t even give us warning or nothing and my kids don’t know what’s going on.”

She told CBS46 that her five kids have just as many questions about what’s going to happen to their dad. Musse said right now he’s being detained in the south Georgia town of Ocilla.

“I can’t even work,” she said tearing up. “I had to go ahead and resign from my job to care for my kids. This is not something that’s just affecting him, it’s affecting the children. He was providing for his children, whose going to provide for them now?”

‘This has never happened to the Somali community in Atlanta,” said Omar Shekey.

Shekey is the Executive Director of the Somali American Community Center in Clarkston. He said worried Somalis are coming to him for help.

“Right now there’s a huge famine and that’s why no one should be sent back to Somalia at this time, at this moment. Most of the people who will be sent to Somalia will most likely be killed.”

U.S immigration authorities said Hussein, by the letter of the law, is in this country illegally.

CBS46 asked about the recent arrests of Somalis in Dekalb County. We were told that due to conditions in Somalia in prior years, it wasn’t possible to carry out removal orders. That’s no longer the case. ICE agents have been deporting Somalis for some time.

We asked specifically about Hussein’s arrest. In a statement, a spokesperson said “Abdusalam Hussein, an unlawfully present Somali national, was taken into ICE custody April 13 in Atlanta pursuant to a final order of removal issued by a federal immigration judge in December 2006. In addition, Mr. Hussein is an aggravated felon due to his conviction for robbery in Minnesota in February 2005.”

Musse admitted that her husband does have a criminal record but she said he has since turned his life around. The family plans to visit Hussein on Thursday before his possible deportation.

Two other Somalis were arrested by ICE agents last week in metro Atlanta. Officials said both were both here unlawfully and one of them has criminal convictions.

We’ve learned as of April 1st, more than 200 Somali nationals have been removed from the United States by ICE during 2017.